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Color Sketch Commissions

Color Sketch Commissions
  • Color Sketch Commissions

- I will only be taking color sketch commissions of any character of your choosing from the bust up (as shown in the example).

- Only 5 slots will be open at a time, which can only be purchased on my online shop here.

- After the slot has been purchased, please fill out the form here. You must have your order number ready [. form link ]

- If slots are filled, please do no worry! After I have finished all the commissions for the 5 slots taken, I will re-open the slots on my online shop again. From there, please remember to fill out the form. Keep updated via

- Extra characters in the same commission are $30 extra. Only 3 slots for extra characters are available, of which you can add to the cart.

-My goal is to finish 5 slots within 1-2 weeks, but life might get in the way and delay me sometimes. I hope you understand that I will do my best!!! ><;;

*** Bigcartel automatically charges tax for all online sales. Sadly it's out of my control. However the platform will only charge you based on where you live so if you live in a tax free state, you won't be charged.