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Mystic Messenger Faux Leather Pouch

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Mystic Messenger Faux Leather Pouch
  • Mystic Messenger Faux Leather Pouch

Did you eat? Don't skip your meals! Did you eat lunch? It's important to eat 3 meals a day! Have you eaten? Did you have breakfast yet? Don't forget to eat!!!

Normally on tinder that would be so annoying, but when a mystic messenger tell me to eat it just fills my heart with love.

These flat pouches are made with the intention to carry flat items such as cash, credit cards and boba stamp cards to carry money to go have lunch with your mystic messenger~ They are about 5in x 8in (approximate size, may vary) which features a nylon printed front and a faux leather back. Even though it is flat, it can carry quite a bit!

I have ordered very limited quantity since it's the first time I've ordered this product. So if there is a demand I will order more when I can!